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Thatcham - Lawrences Lane


Thatcham - Lawrences Lane

What is being proposed

We’re proposing to stop motor vehicles from entering Lawrences Lane from the south at all times to create a quiet route for recreational access to the countryside. Vehicles can still use the lane by accessing it from the north via The Ridge, Cold Ash but traffic would no longer be able to use it as a through route. The reduction in through traffic would enhance Lawrences Lane as a cycling / walking route.

From earlier engagements, residents and cyclists indicated a preference for more cycling and walking as a leisure pursuit in this location. As such, this scheme proposes a pilot to restrict motor traffic in this rural lane to make it a safer and more attractive route for use by those on foot and bicycles, reducing conflict with general vehicle traffic.

Consultation Closed

Consultation has now closed for this scheme.

Thank you for all those who responded. Following the close of the initial consultation, your feedback and suggestions will be considered, and if appropriate, a pilot scheme designed and installed.

If the scheme is installed, a new Design feedback consultation will be opened for you to tell us about your experiences, report on the impact the installed scheme may have had, or suggest any further improvements you think would be beneficial. Once the pilot scheme has been in place for 6 to 9 months it will be reviewed, and if appropriate, changed according to the feedback you provide. The consultation will remain open for the life of the pilot scheme, approximately 12 to 18 months.

At the end of the pilot all feedback will be considered before the scheme is made permanent or removed completely.

How to be kept informed

Results and updates will be regularly reported through the Commonplace news articles. Registering your interest will ensure you are kept informed.

Early concept plan

Additional materials

Early Concept drawing - Lawrences Lane
Early Concept drawing - Lawrences Lane

This engagement phase has finished

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